Sunday, April 3, 2011

And THAT's How It's Done!!!

Woooohoooo.. We won the World Cup!!! This is the first time in my lifetime that India has got the ICC Cricket World Cup home! (the last time was just a few months before I was born!)

Sitting this morning amidst the remains of yesterday's match party, all I can do is grin.. this has been one of the finest moments of India's cricketing history. The picture of the team carrying Sachin on their shoulders and Virat Kohli's dialogue about how Sachin has carried them for so many matches and the least they can do is carry him in this one will stay in my memory forever.

As I sit here writing this post, I realise that I don't care about all the match-fixing SMSs which came yesterday, all the talk or even the pending 'Breaking News' on news channels which is bound to come up  that the World Cup was fixed. It just doesn't matter! We WON!! And how.. India showed the Lankan's just how it's done, calmly, coolly, beggining with a whimper and ending with a big huge BANG!!


Pictures of the Post-Win Celebration:

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