Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrating India's Win!!!!

So yesterday was the BIG match between India and Pakistan. We all know, it doesn't matter if it was not the finals, it was INDIA vs PAKISTAN!!! The build -up to the match was such that most of us feared for the life of the Indian team if they (God Forbid!) dared, yes DARED, to lose to Pak. Offices were closed for half day, roads and trains so deserted that it almost seemed as a curfew, but no one cared.

India Won! Thank God! and the Indian patriotism, always in abundance during India/Pak cricket matches, was in full demonstration. The roads were filled with the celebrating public, enthusiastically waving the Tricolor, bursting crackers and in general enjoying the triumph over the Pakis. Well, even though I am not a huge fan of cricket, the enthusiasm around me was such that even I couldn't keep away from the screen. So, I saw the match and participated in the madness, cheering and celebrating with all the rest.

Now, after spending a tiring day yesterday riding the emotional roller coaster, (we're gonna win... no we're NOT gonna win.... Damn! We will def win! ... No ways man, they are playing too good! Damn Ashish Nehra!! ... Nehra is the man!! WE WON!!!... Phew!!) I decided to take the celebration one step further and have ordered a load of books, something I have not done in quite some time now. :) :) :) So, I'm looking forward to receiving my new books and you guys can look forward to reading the reviews when I get around to writing them.

Here's to India winning the Finals!! YAYY!!! INDIA! INDIA!!!

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