Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: The Case of the Baited Hook (Perry Mason#16)

Book Details:

The Case of the Baited Hook

Author: Erle Stanley Gardner

Book Summary: Who was that masked woman? That's the question plaguing the perpetually inquiring mind of Perry Mason. No one loves a good mystery more than Mason--but being asked to represent a client who's concealing her identity, not to mention the particulars of her case, has given even the legendary legal eagle a case of ruffled feathers.

My Review:
After an extended spell of reading romance, classics and business books, I decided that I was long overdue to read a Mystery from my TBR list. Having always loved Perry Mason mysteries for their fast pace and awesome courtroom scene, a Perry Mason book was an obvious choice. The book is a typical whodunit and has all the characters present in any Mason book, Paul Drake, Della Street, Gertie, Hamilton Burger and Lt. Tragg. The book revolves about the fact that Mason is baited in the start of the book by a $10,000 retainer to represent an unknown client and as a result makes certain mistakes. He then tries to undo the mistake and help various clients through the book. Unfortunately, there is no courtroom scene (my fav part in any Mason book) but the methods employed by Mason to solve the mystery and to “smoke” out his client are top class.

I rate it a 4/5. The lack of courtoom scenes in the book was a disappointment, which is the only reason why this gets a 4 instead of a 4.5. However, as any Perry Mason book, it is always a keeper and can be revisited on any rainy day. I read this as part of my 100+ Books in a Year Challenge and E-book Challenge.

Rating: 4/5


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