Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why is Baba Ramdev more successful than Mickey Mehta

Sitting on the couch today morning, I was surfing the television and came across a fitness programme featuring Mickey Mehta, “Reebok Easytone Fit in Fifteen” on Zoom. I paused in my surfing, seeing Mickey, who brings back memories of the long ago summer swimming sessions at Sea Princess, where he used to lead the warm-up sessions. He was all the rage 10-15 years ago, famous as the 'Fitness Trainer to the Miss India’s'. However, as time passed, he was taken over by the increasing band of celebrity trainers, each with their own philosophy.

This show, like many others claims to make you fit by doing simple exercises for just 15 mins a day (how I wish it was true!). Mickey and his super fit assistant (in the standard fitness video garb of tank top and fitting shorts) started off with an introduction to their unique fitness programme aimed at different types of women, from the overworked house-wife to the obese and unfit college student. After the 2 min gyaan session on how following Mickey’s easy-peasy session for just 15 mins a day can make you fit, (this cropped up at least 15 times during the show! We got it the first time!!), we now had a demonstration involving six super-fit models with rippling abs.

“Come, join us in exercising” Mickey seemed to say, “Just 15 mins can make you fit”

All the fit assistants in their shiny new Reeboks nodded.

“But how do I join you?” I asked, “By the time I get up from my couch and put on my shoes and lay down my exercise mat, it will be 15 mins! And I can’t even dress like her!” I said pointing to the pretty girl in the tight tank top and shorts.

“Come”, Mickey said again, “the exercises are very simple”

“Show me some,” I said.

He immediately asked his assistant to demonstrate... She stood, and bent to touch her toes.

“Isn’t this easy?” Mickey asked his assistant. She frantically nodded.

I gasped in horror! “You expect me to get up and touch my toes!! I can barely reach my knees”

“She can do it” Mickey seemed to say

“But she is so fit! She has real abs!” I protested, “whereas I ....”

Now, this is where such shows astound me. I find it pointless to see fit girls and try to emulate them. I don’t know why such shows have never hit upon an idea to show normal men or women who really need to do those exercises. It seems stupid to believe a super fit chick when she says that the exercises are easy and will make you fit. I mean obviously, she didn’t get fit by doing simple stretches for just 15 mins a day!

“Come”, he tried to convince me again, “the exercises are very simple”

Scared by an insistent Mickey and the maniacally smiling assistant, I immediately switched the channel to Baba Ramdev who simply asked me to breathe...

This is where Baba Ramdev succeeds beautifully. He keeps the demonstration to himself and just asks you to switch on the TV and sit in your PJs (barefoot) and pant. Plus the video always pans to the poor audience in the background who is struggling like you to follow Baba’s contortions. This at least motivates you to struggle with them rather than sit and watch the pretty girls bend and twist! (Though my husband certainly seems to enjoy the eye candy!)

“Surely I can manage this!” I thought seeing Baba. And started panting.....


Anonymous said...

Hello neha while surfing for mickey mehta's tight in 20 dvd i came across your blog and must say baba ramdev has a plus point on mickey.
You do have a point neha.
So i will think twice before cliking the add to cart button than flipping a channel where baba is teaching yoga.

What is the secret for reading books,because i get put off by the size of the book and i read some pages and get put off. You are a bookoholic,how do you manage to read so many books in this age of computers and HD's ?

Neha Shah said...

Hey Gold, Thanks for stopping by on my blog. And trust me.. Baba Ramdev is much more doable than Mickey, evident by his huge fan following :)

As for reading, well, it is a kind of obsession with me. I think everyone can read if they want to, you just have to find something which you can't put down. ;)

Let me know how the workout goes and if you ever get around to reading a book! TC