Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: The Return of Rafe Mackade (The Mackade Brothers # 1)

Book Details:

Author: Nora RobertsPublisher: Silhouette (1995)


Some said there would be trouble. Bound to be. Trouble hung around Rafe MacKade like a bell around a bull's neck. Oh, he was as handsome as ever, with those devil's good looks the MacKades were gifted -- or cursed -- with. If a female had breath in her body, she couldn't help but look twice at that loose-legged stride that seemed to dare anyone to get in the way.

And what about that newcomer, Regan Bishop? Pretty as a picture, but a little prim. Would she be impervious to the legendary MacKade charm?

Sure didn't look that way....

My Review:

This is a Nora Roberts book. She is one of my favourite authors, who manage to infuse a feeling of community, warmth and humour in every one of her books. I would love to know where Ms. Roberts finds such idyllic towns and such delicious men! Rafe Mackade is just that... delicious… He is a typical male HERO... tall, dark, handsome and brooding. What I didn't like was that he was so angry all the time, but no one seems to know why. Maybe 'all will be revealed' in the remaining books of the series. The book is the standard Silhouette romance, nothing extraordinary. But, despite it being a formula story, it has that Nora Roberts quality which sets her books apart. She is not one of the most prolific writers of our generation for nothing. All in all it is a good read for a lazy afternoon.

This is the first instalment of the Mackade Brothers and I can't wait to get to the remaining three.

I rate it 3/5. I read this as a part of my 100 e-books Challenge, 1st in a Series Challenge, and 100+ Books in a Year Challenge.

Rating: 3/5

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