Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Post!

Once upon a time, I was a compulsive reader and a writer. Over time, I kept on reading, but forgot to write about what I read. So, with my husband pushing and prodding me to start writing a blog, I thought it was time I put my thoughts out for all to see. So, with great trepidation, I am now posting my first post!

I discovered the wonderful world of “story-books” (as my very correct Gujju parents call them), when I was in the third grade and I have just not looked back. The obsession grew and grew till a time came that I was in danger of failing in science and math (the books were too boring.. loved history and lit though) coz I just didn’t want to come out of my world of Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton (I still read her sometimes) and Sweet Valleys… However, with time I have learned to reign in my curiosity about what happens next and now on most days I can wait till I am out of office to pull my book out to read on.

I read almost everything available, but I am totally addicted to chicklit and romance novels, especially historical romance (yes, yes I have read all the ones with Fabio on the cover.. what can I say, it has happened to all of us sometime!). This came to be after a long phase of reading Mills&Boon, which was interspersed by times like when I finished the entire Sidney Sheldon series one summer, then started on John Grisham… you can guess the list…

Fast forward to the present: I still read historical romances and chicklit, but I’m trying to fill in some gaps by expanding my reading to classics, business books, Booker Prize winners, Man Booker winners and such. To help me with this, I have signed on to a few challenges online, like The Shakespeare Challenge.

So, here I am, all set to expand my horizons and write my opinions on books which I manage to read over the year. Hope you enjoy reading about my bibliophilic quest!

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Kaushal said...

This is very good stuff... finally, either one of us is taking some initiative to do something outside of our routine work-life... now tht u have started this, ensure tht u continue.. i knw ur passion of books will surely come out in your writings and it will soon catch up... all the best and luv u..