Monday, March 14, 2011

Proud Moment!

As I sit here on my darling little netbook writing this post, my dear elder sister, Purva, is taking her first baby steps in the blogging world and writing her first blog post! This is an extremely proud moment for me as I feel in some small way, I join a long list of friends who encouraged her to write her own blog.

I realise that it is not a great accomplishment to give our silly opinions to the world, but in a small way, it gives us bloggers an awesome sense of freedom to be able to express ourselves on (virtual) paper... even if no one is reading :) :)

So welcome Purva, and hope you continue to blog and have fun!!

Below is my list of people who I would like to see blogging sometime soon,

1) My husband K, he says he is not articulate enough, I say you are just lazy
2) A friend, Meenu, she is an amazing artist and her blog will be sooooo interesting to see
3) My friend Harsh, it will be a universal helpline blog where you can get help and advise on anything in the world as he gets amazing pleasure from helping others
4) Another friend, Pinank, it will be a dhamaal blog, but he may never do it :(

And many many others..

Now you must be thinking, 'she wants her entire circle of family and friends to join her in the blogging world (probably to generate some traffic on her blog :())'. Well, that's not the case, (maybe the part about traffic..), there are some people i would not want blogging like,

My very good friend Suku, if she starts a blog, it will soon turn into a full-fledged social networking site, forcing popular ones like facebook to go out of business in India! they will come after me!!!
Another friend, Vinesh, no idea what nonsense he will write :) and as one of my best friends, i will be forced to read it !!!!
My MOTHER!!, though i must say after seeing her master the Internet and facebook and YouTube, she is the one most likely to start blogging... if she does, I shall be named the chief problem solver and will have to translate the entire process for her in Gujju!!!!

Well, jokes apart, I take this opportunity to welcome Purva to blogging.. please do visit her blog


Kaushal said...

wow.. u want me to start writing a blog? any idea on what should I be writing on? workplace, friends, etc?

Neha Shah said...

Yes Kush, I would like you to start writing your blog.. as to what you should write about... you decide that. I will read whatever you write :)