Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: The M.D. She Had to Marry

The M.D. She Had To Marry (Conveniently Yours) (Silhouette 1345)The M.D. She Had To Marry (Conveniently Yours) by Christine Rimmer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don't usually read doctor or hospital romances as I find them quote stuffy and boring. However, recently, I have been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy and thought to find some book's own McDreamy! Alas! this one was not it :(....

The M.D, Logan Severance, is unfortunately the stuffed shirt I wanted to avoid. The woman who HAD to marry him, Lacey Bravo, is an artist with little bit of a "wild reputation" and his ex-fiancee's sister (oh ho). They have 5 wild days together which result in a baby.

The characters were a little flat, with no real chemistry showing thru. As husband and wife, Lacey and Logan seem to have no communication, but a lot of thoughts! He is scared she will leave him, she wants him to accept that he loves her (she obviously knows about it and has been assured by her sister, the ex, that he really does love her) and also accept her lifestyle. There is no heat shown between two very opposite characters, though the author has written a few good love scenes.

The book is written as a continuation of the Bravo Family series. I have not read any of the previous books and felt some background info was missing. The story is a typical Mills and Boon romance, nothing new on the table.

It was an OK read, nothing exciting. Recommended if you like doctor romances.


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