Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Never Love a Cowboy

Never Love a Cowboy (Rogues in Texas, #2)Never Love a Cowboy by Lorraine Heath

Really liked the book even though most of it was highly predictable. The book was divided into two parts, the first one where Harrison and Jessey go on the great cattle drive, and the second where Harry, who is crippled during the drive finds a way to accept himself with the help of Jessey and his friends, each of whom have a past.

The second part of the story gives the book some depth. Most historicals would have ended with the female protagonist happily accepting the physical shortcomings and the characters living happily together, all in the space of a few pages. Heath gets into the depth of feelings felt by Harry, showing him as an unsufferable idiot who is angry at the world and himself. She traces the entire journey from him being unable to accept his disability to showing anger, depression and finally acceptance.

The characters are well etched out, both of them staying true to their pschye laid out intially itself. I liked the way all the other characters were shaped as well and am looking forward to read Kit's book as well. I have jumped the series, not reading the first part of the series, which I may also read.

All in all, once the book picked up some pace, I really liked it and you will too if you are a fan of Western Historicals.

I would rate it 3.5/5

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