Friday, December 9, 2011

After a loooongg time!!

Its been a roller coaster ride these last few months leaving me with no time and a huge writer's block. I'm sitting on my new sofa (yes, we have finally shifted into our new home.. again.. and also have a sofa!! You can know the happiness it gives me only if you have lived without a sofa for 2 years!) and wondering where did the last four months dissapear! I have been so busy these last few months, redecorating, setting up the house (atleast 2 times), reading and spending some time with my family that it feels as if I blinked and missed almost half the year!

Now, as December rushes past and I look back on 2011, I realize that has been a very eventful year in our lives. It has given us moments of immense happiness (purchasing our first home) and pain (losing my father-in-law). The year has made us grow up and face reality in more ways than one. 

In terms of my reading, this has been a year where I have read about the most diverse subjects, experimented with different authors and tried to step out of my comfort zone of Chicklit and Romance. Some of the new authors I read this year, like Christopher Moore, have earned a place in my favourites shelf and some books and authors which I had on auto-buy, like Johanna Lindsey have been moved to the 'maybe they're not that great' category.

This is the first year since I started reading where I have actually kept track of all the books I have read, thanks to Goodreads, and realised that I do read an avereage of around 100 books a year. (Awesome na!!) I have still not managed to read any Shakespeare, though that is where the impetus to start this blog and enter reading challenges came from (I tried, I swear!). Well, there are still 15 days left before 2011 ends... (maybe I will atleast listen to an audio book)

To wrap it up, the list of all the books i read during the year, and their ratings,

They can all be found on my Goodreads shelf (What! You thought I was actually going to write down 110 names and give ratings!!! LOL)

If I can't get myself to write another post ( Out of sheer laziness of course!) then wish you all a Happy New Year and see you in 2012!


Kaushal said...

finally an update... guess u and ur bangalore / mumbai / delhi friend were waiting for each other to update the resp. blogs..

Kary said...

Hi! New follower here - I found your blog through goodreads. My blog is